Centre Highlights

Centre Highlights


- Smart Elderly Scheme

The Smart Elderly Scheme identifies elderly people in the community who are suspected or diagnosed with dementia or have early signs of dementia. Early intervention services will be provided to help them keep their cognitive abilities longer and reduce the impact on their daily lives.


Through the Scheme, appropriate cognitive activities will be devised on individual basis, including learning from tablets, sports, music therapy, African drums, etc. Through regular and ongoing daily life training, service users can fully enjoy life at an advanced age by participating in various activities that help them to slow down the deterioration of their cognitive functions.


- Home at Shek Pai Wan Scheme

Our Centre has been working closely with five social service units in Shek Pai Wan since 2005 to provide services to the residents from all age groups living in that area. Our staff members successfully engaged senior people in need through goodwill visits, outings, recycling activities, exchange bazaars, heath carnival and elderly caring events. Under the Scheme, we nurture an active volunteer force to help us offer services at all levels. It is a strong community support network which gathers resources from all aspects to create a community of mutual support, inclusiveness and harmonious living.


- Apart from specially designed service plans, the Centre organises large-scale social recreational activities, thematic group events, a variety of interest classes, rehabilitation equipment leasing, diapers and milk powder purchasing services. The Centre is also equipped with a wide range of facilities such as massage chairs, a variety of fitness equipment, brain training flash cards, designated reading area, separate computer rooms, and a hall with audio and visual systems.  The Centre aims to cater to the elderly’s different living and development needs.