Our Services


  1. Children and Youth Services - help children and youth to fully utilise their leisure time through participating in activities that benefit their healthy development.
  2. Family Life Education - enhance the relationship between family members through family life educational activities.
  3. Community Support - in response to the community issues, provide support to those in need and offer counselling services to individuals or families who face difficulties.


Service Users

~ Individual:

    ~ Children (aged 6-14)

    ~ Youth (aged 15-24)

    ~ Adult (aged 25 or above)

    ~ Parents (with children aged 18 or below)

~ Family:

   Children/Youth (aged 6-24) and their family members


  1. Children and Youth Development Activities - enhance personal growth and develop one's potential and strengths through different forms of activities. Help them to understand and actualize themselves
  2. School Support Services - provide comprehensive support to primary and secondary school students by cooperating with schools. Promote students' physical and psychological development and enhance their problem-solving ability.
  3. Study Room Services - provide study rooms and organise academic, educational and learning support activities.
  4. Family Life Education - allow parents to share how they nurture marital relationships and their experience in bringing up their children. Children and youth are offered opportunities to learn how to live with their family in harmony.
  5. Individual and Family Counselling Services – professional social workers provide case follow-up and referral services for individuals and families to help them address emotional, academic, work, interpersonal and family relationship problems.
  6. Pre-employment Training and Career Counselling - vocational skill training, career counselling and support for young people.
  7. Outreaching Services - professional social workers actively make contact with young people in the district and provide follow-up or other appropriate services in response to their needs so as to promote the healthy development of adolescents.
  8. Community Support Services - provide various services in response to community needs, such as after school care for primary school students, child care services for working parents, primary and secondary school tuition classes, various interest and learning classes, activities to enhance children's physical and artistic potential, community integration services for new immigrants and ethnic minority families.
  9. Community Education Activities - organise large-scale community education campaigns to promote the message on mental health, neighbourhood relations, civic education, equal opportunities and community participation.