Our Services


To actualize our belief through serving the community with the Love of Christ.



  1. Children and Youth Services - help children and youth to fully utilise their leisure time through participating in activities that benefit their healthy development.
  2. Family Support - enhance the relationship between family members through family life educational activities, offer counselling services to individuals or families who face difficulties .
  3. Community Support - in response to the community needs, provide support to schools, organizations, individuals or families in need.


Service Users

    ~ Individual (aged 6-24)

    ~ Family (at least one member aged 6-24 should be included)

    ~ CSC Club - Individual (aged 25 or above)

    ~ CSC Club - Family  (none of the family member within the age from 6-24)



  1. Children and Youth Development Activities 
  2. Pre-employment Training and Career Counselling    School Support Services  
  1. Outreaching Services
  1. After School Care services
  1. School and Community Support Services
  1. Study Room Services
  1. Library
  1. Family Life Education 
  1. Individual and Family Counselling Services
  1. 「創客教育」Programme
  1. Community Education Activities
  1. Drop-in services