Centre Highlights

Centre Highlights

Lifelong Learning for the Elderly     

Encourage elderly to pursue new ideas and knowledge, develop themselves in many aspects and promote lifelong learning. In meeting the learning needs of the elderly, our Centre organises a wide range of activities - yoga, stretching class, Chinese painting, popular songs, Mandarin, literacy classes, singing and Cantonese opera classes. The purpose of these programmes is to help the elderly to flourish their social life, actively engage in community events and lead a fruitful life.


Motivate the elderly to organise both self and mutual learning activities through the Rhenish Self Learning Programme. Learning classes organised by the elderly include Chinese calligraphy, knitting, popular song karaoke and dancing. The ultimate learning goal of the programme is learning for pleasure, allowing the elderly to enjoy throughout the learning process. 


Brain Training Activities

The Centre has set up the Rejoice Smart Senior School to provide 1.5 hours of training per week for elderly who are frail and interested in receiving memory and social training. This programme helps to enhance senior people’s memory and maintain their body’s flexibility through stretching exercises, memory training and social themed activities.