Chairman's Remarks

Generally, people’s understanding of social service is that social service has to help those in need. In the Christian belief, every person is actually inadequate and needs God’s help. Thus, the focus of Rhenish Social Service Department is not only on the duty of social service, gospel works is also an important aspect. The target of sharing gospel includes service users, as well as the staff and volunteers. Our team of ministry workers would regularly visit different service units. Apart from pastoring those residents who are not convenient to go out, they also contact with the staff and concretely ‘actualize our belief through serving the community with the Love of Christ’.

At the same time, the Board worked hard to promote the co-operation between the churches and service units to provide comprehensive physical, psychological, social and emotional support to the needy people. Especially the Shatin Neighbourhood Elderly Centre which moved to Shui Chuen O Estate last year had got great support from different churches. The churches contributed money and human resources to help the gospel works and hoped that the message of God’s love could spread through Shui Chuen O Estate and have good result in few years’time.


  Elder Wong Wai