Elderly Services



We pledge to provide nursing care services for frail elderly with deteriorating physical conditions. Through adequate and appropriate physical, social and emotional support, residents can enjoy living with others in a comfortable environment.

Target Service Users

  1. Elderly people aged 60 or above and require care services
  2. Do not suffer from any major diseases and do not require to be treated in a hospital or infirmary.
  3. Free from any infectious diseases and are proven by a doctor that they are suitable for admission.
  4. Mentally fit for living with other people.


  1. Medical services from professional nurses and caregivers who are responsible for taking care of the residents and providing guidance on personal hygiene. They will also conduct regular body checks for the residents such as measuring blood pressure and weight.
  2. Nutritious meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments.
  3. Rehabilitation programmes and activities designed by physiotherapists.
  4. Counselling services from professional social workers who assist residents to solve their personal, social, financial and family problems.
  5. Social and interest groups are established to promote interaction between residents and help them to identify their interests and provide support to each other. Regular events and activities will be organised such as visits, outings, festive activities and birthday parties.