Our Services


Our professional counselling services are provided by registered social worker with Christian beliefs who help our service users understand their own challenges and identify feasible solution through setting up counselling goals together. Their self-esteem and ability in dealing with relevant issues are enhanced and they can develop good relationship with themselves, others and God.

Service Users

Any person, regardless of sex, age, race and religious belief, may apply for counselling services.


  1. Personal counselling, marriage counselling, family counselling and adolescent counselling: $400 per hour
  1. Pre-marital counselling: 7 sessions, $400 per session
  1. Other psychological analysis such as PREPARE/ENRICH and MBTI: $400 per hour. The Centre will not charge production costs for the report which shall be paid directly to the relevant organisation by the service user.
  1. Conduct professional trainer courses such as the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) and the PREPARE/ENRICH marriage mentor programme to enhance the counselling skills of social workers, counsellors, pastors and teachers.