Neighbourhood Elderly Centre Service


Through providing community support services at the neighbourhood level, we pledge to assist elders to remain living in the community and to enjoy a healthy, active and dignified life at an advanced age. We also encourage the elderly to actively engage in activities and motivate the general public to create a caring community.

Target Service Users

  1. People aged 60 or above
  2. Caregivers


Our Centre provides a full range of services for healthy or frail elderly in order to meet their physical, psychological, social and personal care needs.

  1. Health Education and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion - encourage the elderly to build a positive attitude towards life and foster a "perseverance" exercise routine.
  2. Education and Development Services - advocate and promote lifelong learning, enhance self-confidence in the elderly, self-image improvement and develop their potential.
  3. Volunteer Development - develop volunteer networks, allocate appropriate service, and serve those elders who live alone or are in need. Volunteers can also develop their strengths through their work.
  4. Community Resource Counselling and Referral Services - provide a wide range of community and service resources and make appropriate referrals.
  5. Social Recreation Services - encourage the elderly to participate in community activities and expand their social circles through recreational activities.
  6. Frail Elderly Services - offer support services such as volunteer visits and sports training for the frail elderly.
  7. Outreach and Community Network - provide support and appropriate services for elderly who are frail and who do not use the services offered by elderly centres.
  8. Counselling Services – help elderly people solve interpersonal relationships, emotional and financial issues through personal and group counselling.
  9. Caregiver Support Services – ensure both the elderly and the caregivers get different kinds of support such as knowledge, emotional, interpersonal and nursing care facilities, in order to relieve the pressure of the caregivers.
  10. Rehabilitation Equipment Borrowing Services - support the needy people in the community through lending rehabilitation supplies, such as walking frames and wheelchairs.
  11. Drop-in Services - encourage the elderly to make good use of their leisure time, expand their social circles and participate in activities organised by the Centre.